Whatever’s in the fridge stew

With 11 hungry mouths to feed (12 including Grandpa…even more if extended family showed up for dinner!) my Grandma had to get creative at mealtime. Even when times were lean she always managed to throw something delicious together. When I asked her how she did it, I got one of her best (& easiest) tricks: “Just chuck whatever you have in the fridge into a pot of water and call it a stew!”

Here’s my attempt at Whatever’s in the fridge stew:

What I found in the fridge to chuck together

I filled the stew pot (inherited from Oma) half full with water (about 2 litres), then added 3 tablespoons of vegetable broth powder, a few shakes of dried garlic & a bunch of chopped chives.

I then cut the leftover pork chops into spoon size pieces with my meat snipping scissors. (bought for €1, steal!)

While I was snipping the meat my lovely husband chopped the carrots, apples, aubergine & zucchini. We chucked the carrots & apples into the meaty broth & let it simmer for about 1/2 an hour, then added the zucchini & aubergine. *my trick to getting a nice thick stew base is to add instant mashed potatoes. It thickens great & adds extra potato flavour, works fab for turkey gravy at Christmas too!.

Let it simmer another 1/2 hour & then dig in!



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