Sophie & her cousin Gnon have arrived!

As our little darling has (at 3.5 months) turned into The Child Who Will Gnaw on ANYTHING, we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of Sophie the Giraffe and her cousin Gnon. (We purchased them from Green Child of Mine in the UK & they came safely packaged and sweetly gift wrapped ) .

Gnon is one of 3 “cousins” available: Chan, Pie and Gnon.
Chan Pie Gnon comes from the French word champignon, which means mushroom. For those unfamiliar with Sophie the Giraffe, her story is here.

After giving both new arrivals a washing, Hubby & I  taste-tested each prior to giving them to the real critic.

Sophie has lots of places to grab, loads of sticky-outy bits to chew & a squeak that isn’t insanely annoying. She is made of 100% natural hevea rubber and has no yucky taste or smell.

Gnon is a bit thinner feeling than Sophie & has a handle growing out of his mushroom head which is great for little grasping fingers. Gnon’s squeak is actually a bit softer than Sophie’s & he’s also made of 100% natural hevea rubber and has no yucky taste or smell.

Our verdict: Fantastic! (Although the dog thinks he should also have chewing-access!) When we finally have a full-fledged teether on our hands, we’re positive Sophie & Gnon will be indispensable!


Our Hosenpuper is now 6 months old and in full-on teething mode. She loves to gnaw on Sophie & Gnon so much that we decided to complete her chewy family & ordered the missing Chan & Pie:

The duo arrived safely & were promptly washed & handed over to the expert…

Chan is definitely a favourite now…I’m thinking it has something to do with the resemblance to a boob…it’s a tad frightening how violently she chomps on him, weaning may be sooner than we thought!

Pie has also become a nibble buddy, the double nubs on her head get quite a workout!

All of the teethers are made of 100% natural hevea rubber and have no yucky taste or smell. Although they each make an individual (& recognizable) squeak when squeezed or shaken the sounds are not annoying in the least and have gotten some pretty good giggles out of the lil’ munchkin!

Final Verdict: As predicted above Sophie, Chan, Pie & Gnon are indispensable & absolutely and wholeheartedly recommended!


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