Make baby’s pants comfy

Why do baby pants always have such tight elastic waists? Any pants within my girlie’s size radius leave nasty red marks on her tummy (even the ones that are sized 2 – 3 months larger!). Either I have a massive bellied babe or manufacturers are clueless…

Not wanting to pack them away just yet,  I figured out a quick & easy way to extend the life of her barely worn pants by using whatever stretchy cotton/jersey fabric is on hand:

Here’s how:

Get your pants with the too-tight waist & fabric to make new one (in this case the neck of an old cotton turtleneck but you can easily use a t-shirt sleeve or any random jersey sewn into tube). Cut off the waistband of the pants & any bulky excess from the new-waist-fabric.

Slip the pants into the middle of the turtleneck neck (or t-shirt sleeve, or random jersey sewn into tube) right sides together. Pin and sew using a zigzag stitch.

That’s it! The pants could be done now, but I always like to do another quick step and make them look really finished.

Turn ’em inside out & snip off any excess hang-y bits. Smooth the inside seam down & zigzag it flat.

Ta da! New comfy-waist pants for your little sweatpea! Wear the waist folded down or pulled up for extra warmth on the tummy.

And what about the chopped waistband?

A quick zigzag around the raw edge makes it into a fits-just-right headband that co-ordinates perfectly with the groovy new pants!

all the tutes!


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