The Toy Nanny

Here’s a super simple idea to keep your little one’s toys from escaping!

The Toy Nanny keeps toys safe & clean. Attach one end to the car seat, stroller, baby carrier, shopping cart or high chair, and the other end to the toy, that’s it! Easy! It’s great for sippy cups & pacifiers too! Here’s how to make one:

You’ll need a thick fabric ribbon or a length of material (I used the fabric belts that came with tunics) & snaps – velcro works even better! – see bottom of post for how to…

*My fabric lengths are 70 cm & 90cm – shorter or longer is fine – it all depends on how long you want your Toy Nanny to be. Sew the socket piece of your snaps onto each end of your fabric, measure 25cm in from each socket end & sew on the ball pieces of your snaps.

All Done! Attach it to your toys!

*As my little munchkin seems to pull on her toys with Conan-strength & the snaps kept coming undone I decided to try some wide velcro strips instead:

I simply removed the snaps & stitched on a velcro-loop piece at each end & a velcro-hook piece 25cms toward the center of the fabric strip from each end.

…much stronger than the snap version!

How to Harness Sophie the Giraffe or any other similarly shaped toy:

*Please remember: never leave little ones alone with the Toy Nanny, or any length of fabric that can be accidentally wrapped around the neck*

all the tutes!


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