Oma’s Wuerstchen & Kartoffelsalat

Although my husband’s Oma came from a wealthy family with an onstaff cook & had only one child herself (his mom), she still had her own special recipes in kitchen. Oma passed these culinary traditions down to my mother-in-law who in turn gave them to her only child…my husband…and so I present to you Oma’s Wuerstchen & Kartoffelsalat (Sausages & Potato Salad):

Ingredients: Sliced bread, Store bought potato salad & Sausages from the Metzger (deli)

Heat sausages (or not if you prefer), place a slice of bread & dollop of potato salad on a plate et voila! A meal in under 2 minutes! optional: mustard or ketchup


2 thoughts on “Oma’s Wuerstchen & Kartoffelsalat

  1. Haha! I was really hoping for another one of your wonderful family recipes! Thanks for the laugh!
    Wendy in WV, USA

    • heehee! Gotcha! =O)
      My parents are trekking half way around the world to visit us soon & will bring with them some of Grandma’s old handwritten recipe books so I’ll have loads of new dishes to share – if I can decipher her handwriting! =O)

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