Clear(er) skin overnight? Possibly….

When you’re in your teens you think your pimple problems will end in your 20’s…then, when you’re in your 20’s you think pimples will be abolished by your 30’s…right? Unfortunately pimples are fact of life at any age, especially during those irksome hormonal times.

I discovered Synergen Anti-Pickel-Patches when I was pregnant. (Pickel = pimple in German – I’m sure there’s a sausage & pickle joke there somewhere…) The sticky little disc claims to help rid your skin of pesky blemishes in a mere 8 – 10 hours…

These little magic circles actually work! I’ll admit I never get very large pimples or have had bad acne but for my little hormonal break-outs these patches are fantastic! At €1.99 for a package (36 patches) they’re also a great bargain and as they don’t expire a package lasts a long time! Gotta love German Hygenic-Technologieneuerung (hygenic-technology-innovations)!


One thought on “Clear(er) skin overnight? Possibly….

  1. Thanks for this! My DS is visiting relatives in Ramstein, Germany right now and I will ask him to bring some back.

    Take care,
    Wendy in WV, USA

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