American Daze…

Yeehaw! It’s American Days at the supermarket again! A rarity that happens only once or twice each summer. We can now stock up on such delicacies as  2 in 1 Ketchup & Mayo in a tube, hotdogs in a jar & something called ‘Salad Sauce’! Everything is so nicely packaged in Red, White & Blue too!

Click photo to enlarge

Is this seriously what Germans think (North) Americans eat? Is it actually what (North) Americans eat? It’s been so long since I’ve been back to Canada that Ketchup & Mayo in a tube could now be a must-have for any household….

I will admit to being a bit excited about the peanut butter (it’s hard to find here) & the maple syrup…I am Canadian after all…

…now another supermarket has jumped on the American Way bandwagon

Wow! Everything from US Rib-Eye-Steak to Hamburger Sauce & Milkshakes…we better mosey on down and get us some MCENNEDY AMERICAN WAY products!


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