The Cropped Blazer (+ bonus tute!)

I have no idea why but this crazily long blazer seems to have followed me to every country I’ve lived in:

Seriously, what was I thinking? Were these ever in style? Why would I continue to pack something that a) I never once wore (it still had the tags on it from at least 7 years ago!) & b) would take up so much space in a suitcase? My brain is a confusing place sometimes… Anyhoo, as cropped blazers are everywhere this fall I dug out this well travelled beauty & started cutting:

The Cropped Blazer (+ bonus tute), along with over 50 fabulously clever refashion tutorials, is available worldwide in my fancy schmancy Confessions of a Refashionista: Life on the Zig Zag e-book for Amazon Kindle & tablet readers.

*Don’t have a Kindle or tablet? Me neither…I simply use the oh-so-convenient-&-absolutely-free Kindle App on my computer…

Click on your local Amazon link below to be taken directly to the download page:

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Creating your own fabulous fashions doesn’t have to cost a penny!

A closet de-clutter + a few snips & stitches = a whole new wardrobe!

Contains over 50 projects with easy to follow tutorials & full colour step by step photos for everyone from first-time upcyclers to experienced Refashionistas!

…plus loads more groovy gear to create!

Get your copy today!

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