The Covert Flower

I love a bargain…but why do all the best deals have a catch? My hubby bought an adorable little dress for our little Schnükelputzel on super sale for only €1.00! A steal, but it has this printed on the front:

Why do manufacturers have to print ridiculous crap on baby (& kid) clothes? Does anyone actually like these random (horribley clipart-y) designs?! Here’s a cute (& easy) method for covering them up:

An adorable little ruffled flower (or more for bigger cover-ups) makes a €1 dress priceless!

Any piece of fabric will do. I used a leftover scrap of t-shirt jersey. *The wider your fabric, the fuller your finished flower will be.

Set your sewing machine to straight stitch with longest stitch length possible & sew down the middle of your fabric scrap. *Be sure to leave rather long thread tails at each end*

Grab the thread tail on the underside of your fabric at one end & gently pull while pushing the fabric down the length of the thread. This will gather your fabric into a ruffle.

Once you’ve ruffled the whole scrap of fabric tie the thread tails together to make your ‘flower’.

Hand sew it over top of the absurd printed design. *You can sew it on with a machine as well but the flower tends to get a bit squished looking*

Ta Da! A once mass produced & badly printed dress is now sweet & unique!

To hide a large print, create rows of ruffles using the gathering technique above on wide strips of fabric. Instead of tying the ends of the ruffles together to make a flower, simply machine (or hand) sew them straight across the shirt to cover the print.

all the tutes!


3 thoughts on “The Covert Flower

  1. Hm… got a solution for boys??? I hate the stupid stuff they put on kids clothes, too. It’s weird, but we feel we must avoid licensed characters at all cost!!!

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