Monster Camouflage

Here’s another groovy trick to cover up those pesky prints on kid’s clothes…

This funky technique works on just about anything!

I like Barbapapa & enjoyed his hilarious antics when I was just a wee lass but it’s now 30-something years on & I don’t think my daughter needs to be a crawling advertisement for a retro TV show. Seriously…the print is almost as big as the romper itself! I’ll soon fix that…

If you’re like me, you have a massive stash of scraps…raid it & grab some nice bright, textured bits!

Choose a scrap large enough to cover the print, cut off any bits you don’t need. As there was another sneaky print on the leg I grabbed a small scrap to cover it too.

Now that you have the basic shape, get your other scraps and build your monster! Have fun with this part! Be as creative as your brain will allow without exploding…or if you’re on a tight schedule just randomly chuck it together…it really doesn’t matter…it’s a monster after all

First, I stitched on the hair (a piece of fringe from a fleece scarf)

Next came the eyes…(I have no idea what this scrap is from but it feels super soft!)

To give my monster the gift of sight I set my machine to the widest zig zag & the tightest stitch length, then sewed 2 straight lines onto the eye patch.

…stitch on the mouth (a piece of pajama pant drawstring)

To make horns (or ears if you prefer) fold a scrap of fabric in half & stitch 2 triangles (or a W) leaving an open end.

Snip out the triangles, turn right side out & stuff with anything soft & washable.

Sew them onto your monster.

nearly done…

Pin it in place & stitch it on!

I stitched a couple of ‘hairs’ around each horn for some extra stability, gave my monster a bit of haircut & sewed on the leg patch to cover the last bit of print & was done!

For even easier cover-ups just sew on a patch or 2, make an insanely simple bird with a button eye, create a folksy flower or recycle a print you like from your pile-to-refashion!

My girlie loves her new monster….even is he is simple & homely…

all the tutes!


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