another diaper box triumph…

As we’re still in buying-diapers-in-bulk-time and I still think it’s a shame to waste the sturdiness of the boxes I’ve come up with (another) useful idea to upcycle them into….dandy drawers!

Our little cherub had a plain, boring shelf in her room that stood empty as it was a magnet for dog hair…now all of her burp cloths & extra blankies are neatly put away & safe from fido-fluff!

Find an empty shelf & measure the ‘drawer’ spaces (height, depth & width)

Using your height, depth & width measurements, mark your boxes & cut them to size.

Don’t worry if you have to slice off an end, save it as you’ll stick it back on later.

Check the fit…we ended up doing the middle box again, leaving the box flaps on so it was higher.

Now you can stick the ends back onto your soon-to-be drawers…

…after gluing the ends on I also taped ’em with some packing tape for extra strength.

When you’re happy with the shape/size of your boxes it’s time to cover them with funky wrapping paper, newspaper, book pages…whatever your heart desires! Use the easy method I did here:

My ‘famous’ bulky diaper boxes to funky storage tutorial

Once the boxes are completely covered, let them dry. The horribly humid Berlin air had mine completely dry in about 2 hours.

Stick down any loose bits, add some rope handles & your funky new drawers are done! Slide them into the shelf & fill ’em up!

all the tutes!


One thought on “another diaper box triumph…

  1. O. My. God. How awesome is this!!!!!
    I’m an organizing freak …. and this has so got me drooling!! I’m SO making this pronto.
    Thanks for an awesome tute. Well done! 😀

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