UltraLift or UltraWasteofmoney?

As I edge ever closer to the big 4-0 previously dormant parts of my brain begin to think that all of the anti-aging ads I see just may not be as full of sh*t as I once thought. Such was my mind one fateful afternoon as I popped out to the shop to buy diapers for our little Hosenpuper….this was eye-catchingly on sale:

…naturally the evilterrifiedofwrinkles part of my brain took over, grabbed a tube & snuck it in with my other purchases….

The Garnier website asks: “Do you want proven results from 1 hour?” – I used this slightly burn-y, strong smelling, greasy cream as directed for one full week….

(click photo to enlarge)

*the center photo is my “squint to apply the UltraLift directly to the wrinkles

Other than the lighting in the before & after photos there is no difference in the appearance of my ‘fine lines’. Instead of wasting any more money I’ve decided to accept my little laugh lines for what they are: proof of a happy life lived with a positive attitude & smiley expression.

*the small print on the UltraLift site: “Of course, we can’t do the impossible and achieve a permanent lift. But it has been proven that UltraLift does hydrate and leave skin feeling firmer. So that really will give you a lift!”  – Uh Huh


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