Easy Peasy Baby-Cardi

Our little one is outgrowing her clothes at an alarming rate & as the weather is cooling off I’ve been attempting to refashion some of her too small threads into funky fall finery…

This is head-smackingly easy!

Take a too small onesie or shorty that snaps up the front & an outgrown long sleeved top…

snip, snipCut the bottom/legs off of the onesie & the arms from the top…

Pop the arms from the top into the sleeves of the snipped onesie….

Turn inside out and sew the arms to the sleeves….

Once both of the new sleeves are done finish off the bottom of the cardigan. I used my foldy-foot & a tight zig-zag stitch to create a lovely wavy lettuce edge hem….

…& fertig (finished)! Pop it onto your adorable baby & check the fit…

The too small onesie & outgrown top actually ended up being a bit too big when refashioned together into a cardigan…great for layering on chilly days & will (hopefully) fit for more than a month!

all the tutes!


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