The coolest baby on the block…

While browsing around the internet I stumbled across a fantastically easy method for making baby pants. I created these 3 funky specimens in under 40 minutes!

Awesome eh? Here’s the simple video tutorial from

As the autumn chill has arrived I made mine out of soft cotton sweaters & instead of adding a tunnel for the elastic waist I created comfy baby waistbands out of jersey & knit scraps.

I then transformed some of the leftover sweater bits into sweetypateety baby hats:

Here’s the incredibly easy how-to:

If you cut your pants out correctly you should be left with 2 pieces that look similar to the above pic, but any stretchy scraps will do. Put the fabric right sides together. Measure your baby’s head (or just eyeball it) & stitch the 2 pieces together leaving a big enough opening at the bottom for your munchkin’s head. Be creative! Add as many points, waves or ‘floppies’ as you’d like (or will fit!). Once sewn, cut out your hat (around the stitches), turn right side out & you’re done! *For a bit of extra detail I tie a knot at the base of the hat-floppies.

For a different style try pompoms!

Create your hat exactly the same as above but stitch 2 instead of 3 floppies.

Making your own pompoms is a snap! (click photo to enlarge) Grab some yarn, hold 1 end, wrap it around your hand until it’s nice & thick, snip the end from the yarn ball, slide the wrapped yarn off of your hand, tie it around the middle, cut the loops on either side of the center knot, fluff it up & trim it into a nice round shape! Hand stitch your new pompoms onto the ends of your hat-floppies…

all the tutes!


2 thoughts on “The coolest baby on the block…

  1. Wow! So cute and so resourceful! It looks so easy but I’m sure it would take me forever to make these. Thanks for the inspiration though!

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