Not so dipped baskets…

Paint Dipped Baskets are all over Mr. Internet but it seems no one (except unlimitedtime,money&minions Martha Stewart) has attempted to DIY this rather cool decorating trend….

Dipping baskets in paint should be snap….

Paint, Baskets & a Plastic drop cloth for the mess…

Dip the basket into the paint…aaaand here’s where the problem starts: how do you dry the gloopy, dripping with paint basket? Bloody Martha Stewart says to “Hang basket to dry completely.” erm…where exactly am to hang the hemorrhaging paint basket? On my balcony? Over the kitchen sink? In the bathtub? – This drying technique might work if you have a yard or live near a vacant lot where you can dangle drippy baskets without fear of pissing off the neighbours but we big city dwellers are lucky to have a balcony just big enough to hold a bbq & sausage chef let alone a clothesline full of trickling baskets! So,

Whip out a paintbrush, slap a thin coat of paint on & leave to dry (for under 1/2 an hour!) on a plastic sheet.

Awesome result without the mess!

all the tutes!

One thought on “Not so dipped baskets…

  1. I’m not sure why you would need to dip baskets. I don’t think they are that difficult to paint. In fact I find it rather therapeutic. I think you need a thick 1 or 2 inch brush, preferably good quality as it helps to puch the paint into the nooks and crannies using a stippling method. You also save a lot of paint if you brush it on. Thanks for sharing. Your baskets look great. Cherrie

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