Clinique Black Honey…is it really flattering for all?

I’ve been looking for an everyday lipstick for awhile & after reading about the virtues of Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick decided to give it try…

I’m a bit of a cheapbastard when it comes to…well, anything really…so naturally I searched for the best deal I could find. In store this almost lipstick goes for €26.50…eek! Having never spent more than a fiver on lip colour I knew with a bit of perserverance I could get it for a (bit of a) steal…and I did, saving over €10, from the Netherlands! €15.99 (including shipping) is still a pretty penny for a little tube of lipstick, was it worth it?

The name doesn’t lie…it really is almost a lipstick. It glides on like lip balm but without the waxy residue. The long lasting colour is fantastic for everyday and it gave my lips a smooth, soft finish. BUT is it really “universally flattering yet looks a little different on everyone” as the website says? You be the judge:

On my fair-skinned lips

On my buddy’s midtone olive-skinned lips

Verdict: Black Honey is freaking awesome! I’ve already ordered a few more tubes in preparation for the day that my Dutch discounter runs out!

*I’ve discovered a product I love even better than Black Honey – for a fraction of the cost! Read all about it here!

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