Keep little toes toasty!

Winter is nearly upon us and I’ve been making our little one loads of quick cozy pants to snuggle into on cold days. As her feet are still too teeny for boots I figured out a speedy-easy method to add footsies to her pants to keep her tootsies toasty warm!

Here’s how:

You can either make some cozy pants from old sweaters as I did here or simply add the footsies to some baby or toddler pants you already have on hand. – I’m sure this technique would even work on adult pj bottoms to stop frozen feet from creeping onto your side of the bed…

Cut 2 ovals a bit bigger than your munchkin’s feet (or simply trace around a pair of your kidlet’s shoes/slippers). Any fabric will do, but for chilly days fleece or felted wool are super cozy!

Cut 2 rectangles slightly bigger than your ovals…

Lay your rectangles onto your ovals, about halfway down…

Sew the pieces together following the curve of the oval. Trim off the excess and you have:

…simplistic footsie slippers!

Turn your pants & ‘slippers’ inside out. Pop your footsies into the ends of the pant legs (right sides together with the toe facing inward) and sew together:

Make sure you sew both footsies with the toes facing the same way!

Once your footsies are attached, pop out the toes and stitch all the way around the outside. *This step isn’t actually necessary but makes the ‘feet’ sturdier, especially for learning-to-walk-toe-steppers…

That’s it! Cozy footsies for tiny tootsies!

all the tutes!


2 thoughts on “Keep little toes toasty!

  1. I like this idea and am going to try it. I also have bought some shelf lining that is non slip for the bottom of my booties. It is at the dollar store and prevents little ones from slipping.

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