yet another diaper box upcycle….

Can you guess what my clever little brain made these diaper box beauties for?

…to house these groovy Ikea Fingerpuppen!

How freakin’ fancy is that?! Here’s the how-to:

Grab an empty diaper box or random piece of cardboard & trace the outline of your hand(s).

Draw a wide, straight wrist/arm onto the hand(s). Cut ’em out.

* If you’re not ambidextrous & can’t outline both of your hands simply cut out & re-trace the hand that looks the best. If necessary, flip over one of your cut-outs so you have a right & left hand.

Slice your hands at the wrist…

Cut a notch in each wrist & slot your chopped square into it…

Ta Da! A standing ovation! (ok…that’s just awful…not witty at all…terribly sorry…)

Now make ’em pretty…paint them or do as I did & use my famous diaper box transformation(s) with glue & wrapping paper method! *it dries super hard & is awesomely sturdy!

Ta Da! Fabulous Finger Puppet holders that stand on their own! Applause!

all the tutes!


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