Bodacious Bows…

Aaaaa…gift wrapping…a chore I hate to love. My husband thinks I’m crazy totally insane deranged an absolute genius when it comes to wrapping prezzies…I think the perfect gift should be accessorized….but I’m cheap…er, thrifty…and so I present:

The 5 minute (absolutely free!) gift topper!

You’ll need: scissors, paper (whatever you have on hand) & glue (or tape)

Cut 7 equal-ish strips of paper (or more for a fuller bow) *the longer & wider the strips, the bigger the bow

Fold the strips in half…

unfold a paper strip, loop the end over & stick it down at the center fold-crease…

…repeat with the other end, et voila…a paper bow tie.

Loop & stick all of your paper-strips into bow ties

Glue (or tape) 2 of your bow ties together….

…continue crisscrossing & sticking your bow ties together.

Nearly finished… to complete the bow cut a short strip of paper…

…overlap & stick the ends together, making it into a loop…

…glue it into the empty center of your bow and pop your masterpiece onto a gift!

all the tutes!


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