The Punkadelic Pipeline Technique

So the other day, while watching American Horror Story & mindlessly tugging on a sweatshirt scrap, I happened to glance down at my stretched out handiwork, was struck by inspiration, paused the show, raced to my machine & created this:

Here’s what I did:

Grab a willing make-over victim…

Slice 8 strips off of a sweatshirt (or t-shirt). I used a sweatshirt the same colour as my soon-to-be-made-over shirt for a cool monochromatic look.

Stretch your strips out, they should roll up…

Open & stitch your rolled strips ‘here, there & everywhere’ onto your shirt. Sewing straight down the middle of each fabric strip will allow it to roll back into shape creating The Punkadelic Pipeline!

pretty freakin’ cool…

…don’t forget a lil’ something on the back…

simply maaaaarvelous!

…and check out the stupendousness of Cucicucicoo-Lisa’s brilliant take on the pipeline technique:



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