8 days of perfect polish?

dm’s P2 Last Forever nail polish promises “8 Tage Halt” (8 days hold) and at a mere €1.75 per 10ml bottle I figured I’d give it try…

The funky mahogany red of ‘Live the moment‘ (number 051) caught my eye & the test was on…

The quick drying polish glides on easily – which is awesome as I’m kind of a spastic when it comes to applying polish – the entire tips of my fingers usually look like a Jackson Pollock painting when I’m through but not this time, even after 3 coats! Yay!

Absolutely no sign of cracking or ‘wrinkling’…yet….

…wicked, even after 3 days of regular (& some irregular – cement mixing anyone?) hand usage the polish still looks as good as the day I applied it!

Upps! The tips of my nails are chipped!

The final verdict: Even though it only lasted 4 of the 8 days promised I still think dm’s P2 Last Forever nail polish is a great product…easy to apply, quick to dry and perhaps would last longer on fingers that weren’t so artsy-fartsy-mixing-cement-and-such. In fact I like it so much cheapy me even bought another colour:

*it’s seriously someone’s job to think of the names for cosmestics…awesome work if you can get it!


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