The Opulent Baby Outfit

Our little elf has been invited to a lot of Christmas parties…although we’re allowed to tag along as well, she’s definitely the one people really want to see. Like all fashion icons, she must never wear the same outfit twice. Therefore, as her personal designer (& dresser) I must continually create new & luxurious styles for her to wear to each exciting event. Here’s the latest:

A lovely velvet & lace creation…

here’s how to make it – in about an hour…for free!

Grab a horrible velvet mini-skirt from the 80’s…

chop it in half…

fold over the raw edge 3 – 4 cms & stitch it down. Leave a small opening to feed the elastic through to create the new baby-waistband…

pop a safety-pin onto the end of your elastic & slide it all the way through the waist-casing…

because I never seem to leave enough stitch-it-all-together-length I don’t cut my elastic before feeding it through the waist but instead, slide it through, try the skirt on my girlie, pin the elastic together at a ‘comfortable fit’ and then cut it, sew the ends together & stitch the waistband closed.

almost finished the skirt – find a cute doily from the stash, sew it on & your done!

Next, grab a plain onesie…

dye it the same colour as your skirt…

stitch a doily onto the chest…and your done the top of the outfit!

Lastly…cut a rectangle of fabric (from the scraps of your 80’s skirt) large enough to fit around your cutiepatootie’s head. Fold it right-sides-together & sew leaving one end open for turning. Trim off any excess fabric & turn right-side-out. Stich the ends together to form a loop. Embellish with some lacy bits and your stylish headband is complete!

Ta da! A super quick, original, unique & oh-so-opulent-looking party outfit for free!

Slip on some fancy dancing shoes & party on!

all the tutes!


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