The last last minute gift…

As Heiligabend (Christmas eve) is the big-gift-giving-stuff-your-face day in Germany my last minute gift making time has been shortened by a full 24 hours! eek! Enter the last lastseriouslyabsolutelast minute handmaderecycledrefashioned gift:

Cuffs & bracelets in 10 minutes or less!

Grab some old bracelets or curtain rings & fabric scraps, sweater slices, doilies…

cut a strip of fabric just wide enough to wrap around your bracelet & hand stitch it together using a blanket stitch. * a hot glue gun is faster but the result isn’t nearly as nice

keep stitching until your bracelet is completely covered, tie your thread ends & snip off any excess fabric…

That’s it!

To make the wide cuffs simply cut a poster (or chip) tube & cover using the method above, easy!


all the tutes!


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