grody to groovy in 24 hours

This stained, chipped & just plain grotty commode was the first piece of furniture my husband bought –used…for a scant 5 Deutschmarks– when he left the nest 20 years ago…

It’s lived in university dorms, living rooms, kitchens & cellars and has housed everything from undies to pot…I discovered it cowering under our Xmas decoration boxes in the storage room, felt sorry for the poor thing, hauled it upstairs (to the “wtf’s?” of my hubby) & decided to give it a face lift.

here’s what I did:

I grabbed the remaining pages from my secret book safe, glue, paint brush, exacto knife & varnish…

…removed the knobs & completely covered the chipped & stained areas using the same easy method as my diaper box storage & diaper box drawers & diaper box finger puppet hands

let dry completely then brush on 3 – 4 coats of clear varnish. The paper will wrinkle in places but fear not, once totally dry the wrinkles disappear…

reattached the knobs et voila! The once grody commode now has a new life as our end-of-the-bed-extra-blanket-storage-chest…


all the tutes!


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