Every so often I stumble across ingenious or savvy ideas that simply must be shared and thus a new blog category is born: Your Awesomesauce!

Here’s the first Fantastich Frauen to get things started:

Zip-up Earbuds from LauPre

– a definite whydidn’tIthinkofthat tute! Awesome in it’s simplicity!

Lavender Teabag from Heidi in Lederhosen a.k.a Janine

– this is my go-to handmade gift that’s easily personalized, get creative with the fabric & scents!


Crantastic mmmmmuffins!

As a wee lass I was so addicted to my mom’s homemade muffins it became my nickname. *Which then haunted me in teenaged-life when friends came over!

Cranberry! One of my absolute favourites!

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Health(ier) Brownies

Two of my favourite edibles combined into a low cal treat that tastes sinfully delicious?

You betcha! Delectably divine chocolate almond brownies!

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peanut butter + marshmallows = low fat?

According to Dr. Mom one of my fave treats-to-squish-into-the-highchair as a kid  is also low in fat, stays fresh forever, requires no baking and best of all? only 4 ingredients!

Melt in your mouth peanut butter marshmallow squares…droolicious!

 4 ingredients & 4 quick steps to make your own:

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Here’s an awesomely quick & effortless treat that won’t add inches to your bum:

delicious and nutrious…perfect!

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A Telescopic Lash Explosion?

Freebies are awesome! I signed up for Loreal’s Absolutely VIP (strictly to score some discounts on my current hair colour of choice) and was sent a full sized tube of Telescopic Explosion Mascara.

This little tube sells for about €12 (in store) & promises “A spectacular fanned-out effect, for voluminous and beautifully lengthened looking lashes.”  Let’s give it a whirl…

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a little beauty truth…

“This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty.”

created by the awesome Jesse Rosten