Manucure française à la maison? Mais oui!

The clean & natural look of a french manicure in about 20 minutes for under 3€?

As it was a mere €2.25 I happily chucked the essence french manicure set into my shopping basket & after a couple of weeks finally managed to find a spare 20 minutes to try it out…

The kit comes with white tip painter, light rose top coat & 22 tip guides (for those of us first-timers with less than steady hands).

I stuck on a tip guide & proceeded to paint my nail tip white…

…with the crappiest, thinnest, most uneven-est brush in the galaxy…

The instructions say to let the white tip polish dry for at least 5 – 6 minutes before removing the tip guide. I waited for 10 minutes & still had some bloopy bits…

As I have no time (a 32 hour day would be awesome!) and really didn’t want to start again, I just painted the top coat over the as-yet-not-quite-dry-with-bloopy-bits nail…it actually blended in the mess and after 2 more coats looked pretty groovy.

The result? Purty (if not super professional) looking nails for under 3€ in about 20 minutes. Will I use it again? Absolutely! It’s cheap, painless, quick & will surely look even better after a few more tries. *The polish held for 4 days before the first chipped tips appeared…


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