A Telescopic Lash Explosion?

Freebies are awesome! I signed up for Loreal’s Absolutely VIP (strictly to score some discounts on my current hair colour of choice) and was sent a full sized tube of Telescopic Explosion Mascara.

This little tube sells for about €12 (in store) & promises “A spectacular fanned-out effect, for voluminous and beautifully lengthened looking lashes.”  Let’s give it a whirl…

A (tiny) spherical brush…um…ok…and may I ask why?

According to the Loreal UK website there are 3 super duper exciting reasons for a globe shaped brush:
– Precise: to get right into the corners capturing even the shortest lashes.
– Spherical: to use from any angle for longer-looking lashes.
– Precise: to seek out every lash for a fanned out effect.

*They actually use “Precise” twice so is it really 3 reasons? I think not…onto the test:

On the left are my naked lashes. On the right…erm…not exactly the explosion I was promised.

Will I be spending €12 on this product in the future? Ahem, no. I’ll be sticking with my tried & true, neverclumpyorstickydoeswhatitsays Maybelline Volume Express for €5.


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