Lickety Split Baby Pants

I made these beauties in under 10 minutes! Here’s the headsmackinglyeasy how-to:

Grab a couple of leftover long sleeves from your stash (your baby’s hip to ankle in length)  & a piece of jersey (or t-shirt sleeve) large enough to fit your around little one’s waist.

Turn your sleeves inside-out & lay one on top of the other.

Chop off the corner(s) on 1 side. This will eventually be the front/back area of the pants. I just eyeballed the amount I cut but if your unsure use a pair of well fitting inside-out-folded-in-half baby pants as a guide.

You should now have 2 legs

Pop 1 leg inside of the other (right sides facing) & line up the V’s.

Stitch only the V-areas together.

Pull one leg out of the other & voila: almost pants!

Add your waistband and your done! *the easy how-to is here

Comfy new pants in 10 minutes!

all the tutes!


2 thoughts on “Lickety Split Baby Pants

  1. yah! i have loads of sleeves hanging around that i’ve been wanting to transform into pants. i’ve only done it once before and i had to keep fixing them because i screwed them up. after many fixin’s, they got just perfect, but i’d rather not go that route again, so this is perfect! 🙂 lisa

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