Perfect Pot Pegboard

Hooray! We finally figured out a funky (& useful) way to fill the weird empty space above our stove.

Our building is over 100 years old, has seen a couple of wars & been rebuilt & renovated numerous times causing some rather unique characteristics: none of our walls are straight, balls roll to the middle of every room, each door is a different size & has its own ‘trick’ to close & the kitchen is long and narrow just to name a few. When the hubs built in the kitchen cabinets we discovered a thick metal (nonremovable) barrier behind the wall above the gas stove hook-up. Many drill-bits lost their lives trying to battle through it to allow a cupboard to be hung. We had no choice but to surrender to the metallic beast & put the up cabinet a few centimeters past the offending obstruction leaving a large empty space over the stove…until we eventually pulled our heads out of our bottoms & realized we could hang something over the metal-behind-the-wall:

Head-smackingly easy & cost under €10!

*I don’t have tutorial pics but found a good one for ya over at Apartment Therapy

all the tutes!


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