The Krimskrams Korb

…and just what is a Krimskrams Korb?

Why, it’s the place to store your *Krims & Krams of course! *Bits n’ Bobs in German

Here’s how to make your own with objects that are lurking about the house:

You’ll need: a standard sized (30x45cm) bamboo or heavy fabric placemat, coordinating paint, two (12x6cm) pieces of wood or thick cardboard & a glue gun

Paint the wood (or cardboard) to match the placemat.

Lay the placemat flat, on each side measure 10cm from one end to the center & stick on your wood blocks using the hot glue gun.

Apply glue to the ends of the wood & carefully fold the placemat up onto your blocks. The end of your placemat should overlap the top of the wood, simply stick it down with a dab of glue.

Repeat the above step & stick the placemat to the back of the wood blocks…

Add a simple closure by tying a bead to the front of the lid & a loop to the front of the box!

That’s it!

A bamboo placemat combined with wood block sides is incredibly sturdy!

Fill it up with your bit n’ bobs…

…and then go create some more!

all the tutes!


6 thoughts on “The Krimskrams Korb

  1. Found a link to this project @ Totally Tutorials so I came for a peek – LOVE IT! It’s quite a brilliant upcycle – I want to try it 🙂

    Love your blog name, hehe — I call my husband an a$$hat all the time when he gets annoying 😀

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