Table Top Saviour…

The hubs and I love old wooden furniture and thus are professional Kleinanzeigen-lurkers. We’ve scored some amazing deals: my ginormous 1950’s wardrobe & matching vanity (€80), the gorgeous rocking chair in the munchkin’s room (€8), his massive oak chiffonier (€40) & even our rustic-chic-built-in kitchen (€100) were all discovered in online classifieds. Our greatest find so far was our mint condition 1940’s dining room set for €15! When we went to pick it up they gave us this beauty for free!

…only one little problem…the top looked like this:

As we didn’t want to pay the €300(!) to have it refinished I came up with a (free) ‘temporary’ solution that looks fab, is washable and just may prove to be permanent in the long run!

I completely covered the top of the table using some brown packing paper I had on hand, an equal parts water & glue mixture and this technique

Once dry, I painted it with some leftover wood stain

Once that dried I brushed on 4 coats of clear varnish

A quick, gratis, waterproof refinish!

Perfect for our table-top fireplace!

…and still going strong nearly 2 years later as my fab nightstand!

all the tutes!


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