The 5 minute sunny strap

Summer has arrived bringing with it blisteringly hot sun! In addition to spf 50 sunscreen the little munchkin is also sporting a selection of cool shades…which she removes &  dramatically tosses to the ground when she tires of wearing them…such a diva! Here’s a lickitysplitquick solution for sunny-tossing-divas of any age:

You can make this groovy sunglass strap right now, in under 5 minutes, with stuff you already have around the house…so let’s get started:

Grab your sunnies & some ribbon, a length of fabric, a shoe lace, a piece of stretched out t-shirt – whatever you have on hand – I used one of those annoying side-ties that are attached to empire-waist dresses

Measure & cut the approximate length you’d like your sunny strap to be (45cms was perfect for the munchkin)

Loop your fabric once around the arm of your sunnies & slide it off

Hand stitch the loop & repeat on the other end of the fabric

Pop your new strap on your sunglasses & head out…

all the tutes!


2 thoughts on “The 5 minute sunny strap

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