the mini memento buffet

We’ve been slowly but surely re-decorating our bedroom…slowly because we must stalk the classifieds searching for the best deals to pop up and then strike immediately before someone else gets that 1950’s vanity table for €20…and surely because we always seize our prey – and sometimes get a bonus for free!

Can you guess what this adorable lil’ memory shelf was before I got my paws on it?

An oil encrusted 1970’s spice rack! (hey, a freebie is a freebie amIright?!)

I gave it a thorough scrubbing and a few nice coats o’ black paint…

chose a fitting space on our in-progress bedroom wall collage…

and filled it up with kitchy mementos from our world travels & wedding…

the wall’s not nearly full enough…needs loads more don’tcha think?

all the tutes!


One thought on “the mini memento buffet

  1. Awesome! I need to work my brain into seeing objects with possibly multiple purposes. I’ll be hunting through Classified, Craigslist, yard sales, and flea markets in hopes of ideas for sure. Very nice work!

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