nifty thrifty bijou

Even though I have treasure chests full of cool adornments I always forget to accessorize, out of sight really does mean out of mind when it comes to dressing with a toddler in tow. I needed a in-sight-in-mind place to keep my bijou baubles & bangles at the ready but out of reach from tiny grasping fingers:

Success! I guarantee you can make your own in mere minutes with bits skulking about the house!

Grab a vintage wooden hanger inherited from Great Auntie Uschi, the remaining 2 intact wooden knobs salvaged from the 1950’s vanity (replaced with fancy new silver ones) and a bead that fits snugly over the end of the metal hanger hook.

If your knobs do not have holes…drill ’em…

position them on your upside down hanger…

drill a hole at each knob position…

grab a couple of screws & attach your knobs…

pop your bead on the end of the hanger hook…

you could be done after the last step but as my knobs were quite blah, I decided to paint my fave flower (or something resembling it) onto each one & then gave the whole shebang a few coats of spray varnish…

drill a small hole in each end & nail it up…

luvlyjubbly! Load it up with your bijou baubles!

hmmm…it would even make a funky coat hook or towel rack…endless possibilties!

all the tutes!


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