The Jolly Jumpsuit

Create your own Salute to the King with mommy’s outgrown (sniff, sob, fracking babyweight) button-up dress & a couple snips & stitches – your munchkin will be rockin’ & rollin’ in under 30 minutes!

Choose your victim – a dress, tunic, blouse or even daddy’s shirt will do – the only criteria: it must have buttons from collar to hem & comfortably fit the neck of your toddler.

Lay on a flat surface right sides together with the buttons as centered as possible.

Grab a t-shirt & pair of pants that fit your tot loosely & place them on top of your dress – collars lined up & buttons running straight down the middle…

Pin ’em down

Cut around the t-shirt & pants creating your basic overall shape…

Remove the t-shirt & pants, re-pin & pop over to your machine.

Sew together – do not have a senior moment & stitch all the way around leaving no openings for legs and arms! – unpicking the seams is a serious pain in the bum!

Turn your almost-a-jumpsuit right side out and try it on your little Elvis. Mark the length & check the arm hole size, if all is well hem up the raw edges…

I  decided to cuff the hem on the legs…über cute! That’s it!

Dancin’ machine!

Ich liebe meinen Jumpsuit!

all the tutes!


3 thoughts on “The Jolly Jumpsuit

  1. This is a great use for old button ups. I’ve been wanting to make my son some light and airy one one-piece outfits, and this fits the bill perfectly. Thanks for the great idea!

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