a veritable virtuoso…

more definitive proof that our combined dna created a genius…

Here’s how your little Einstein can make one too:

Grab a large frame. We had a forlorn 50x70cm frame laying neglected in the storage room that was just pleading to be put to good use.

Plus some kid-safe, non-toxic, washable, water-based paints

Open the frame, remove the cheesy-photo-paper-insert, flip it over, lay it on a floor protecting plastic sheet (or newspapers) & squeeze out a few paint blobs. Next prepare your artiste: an only-a-diaper uniform is easiest for clean-up later…

release your talented tot!

what starts as tentative blob-poking will soon evolve into an explosion of whooping colour!

once done lay your new modern art on a flat surface & let dry completely

while the masterpiece is drying enjoy the after party with the producer

sign it, date it, frame it…

hang the glorious Pièce de résistance in a place of honour!

all the tutes!


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