…a little lunchtime hack

Can you guess the quick and totally necessary hack I did during lunch?

Give up?

That’s what the cupboard used to look like. For whatever reason, when my hubs built the kitchen he managed to lose a cupboard door…

I made a curtain, hung it up on a piece of bamboo & erm…it stayed that way for over a yearwhat? Luckily lightening (finally) struck during our latest visit to Ikea’s As-Is section & I grabbed a Kullavik door that I thought just might fit for €5…

…add a couple of hinges

…a quick trim off the top to fit just right

& a lonely knob salvaged from the bottom of the tool box, painted with a sunflower to make it purty & varnished to make it shiny

I’m pretty proud of my cute lil’ knob

put it all together & it looked surprisingly great!

the wood colours matched excellently!

and there you have it, a fancy new, fully functional cupboard with artsyfartsyoneofakind knob for €5!

all the tutes!


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