Rockin’ Wristlets

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Remember those completely adorkable necktie wristlets from Pillows-a-la-Mode? Well, I finally found a few spare minutes to create some of my own…

with a variation of the groovy original tutorial I managed to make mine slightly larger & a bit thinner…read on for my version of p.a.l.m’s awesome necktie wristlet:

grab some funky vintage neckties & a lurvly coordinating button for each

I got these beauties for a mere €0.20 each at our local charity shop

remove the tags & add them to your vintage-tag-collection-that-will-eventually-be-stitched-together-and-turned-into-something-cool

decide how long you’d like your wristlet to be & chop it up

cut 25cms from the skinny end of the tie – save for yet another adorakably fantastic pillows a la mode project

wrap the remaining ‘skinny’ of the tie around your wrist to get a visual of your desired strap length and chop it off

turn the wide part of the tie inside-out, unpick the stitches, remove the lining & open it up

using the first tie as a template, repeat the above steps with all of your vintage victims

As much as I loathe ironing I highly recommend busting out the hausfrau torture device & pressing your ties. If necessary, fold under the lining at the point & flatten it – it’ll make sewing the seam oh-so-much-easier

double fold the bottom of the tie & iron the crap out of it – this can be a fab’ arm workout depending on the age of your ties

fold the bottom of the tie up to the start of the point-lining & press

fold in the sides & press *you can also skip this step & just cut off the excess triangle bits at the sides

open up the tie, fold in any remaining possible-fray areas & press

pop over to the machine & stitch your seams…the point lining…

…and all the way around the outside

once hemmed, fold your almost-a-wristlet into it’s final shape

lift the top flap, grab the strap, snip out a bit of the lining on the ends and insert it into the side of the wristlet

stitch together

for extra strength & a bit o’ detail, I like to doodle stitch back & forth and up & down the sides

time to add the button-hole to the flap…I’ve always been a bit wary of all of the weirdly shaped shiny metal attachments that came with my machine & this was my first experience with a button-hole-foot. I was shocked at how easy it was to use! My charity-shop-bought 20 year old machine even helpfully provided the exact settings so all I had to do was insert the fabric & step on the pedal!

carefully slice through the centre of the perfect new button-hole & stitch the lurvly button onto the pouch

fertig! go make another one…

I thought I’d give my ‘birdie’ wristlet a lining…here’s what I did:

removed the point lining

grabbed a piece of lace & put ’em together right-sides-facing

zipped over to the machine & stitched ’em together

trimmed off the excess fabric & zigzagged around the edges to prevent fraying

turned right-side-out & pressed flat

back to the machine for an all-around top-stitch & then simply sewed it all together like the others

lovely blue birdies & lovelier blue lace lining


a huge warmfuzzy thank-you to Katherine from Pillows a la Mode for the splendid inspiration!

they’re so quick to create I’ve made a few more…

and here’s a clever use for those scrappy leftover ends…

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