Purposeful Patchwork

Mass produced prints are one of my biggest pet peeves. Slapping on a zero-imagination print (or worse…a logo) is sure fire way to ruin even the most  froufroushishi garment, amiright? Unfortunately munchkin-gear manufacturers  seem to be the worst offenders. Fear not, your little one need not be a walking billboard! I’ve added to my arsenal of covert cover-ups & creative camouflage….behold:

Now you see it…now you don’t! Adorable patchwork with a purpose! Here’s the 20 minute scrap-busting solution:

Capture your printed target

cut a fabric square large enough to hide the whole print + a couple of centimeters for extra wiggle room. *if you can still see the print, simply double your fabric

raid your scrap bag

lay down your fabric square, bust out the scissors & slice your scraps into a cutie-patootie picture that fills the soon-to-be patch

a tree, grass, clouds & a house…basic shapes is all that’s needed…

zip over to the machine – as I had doubled my fabric I sewed a quick top-stitch all around the outer edge

place your first scrappy shapes & pin

stitch ’em on

continue adding, pinning & stitching until…

your sweety-pie patch is done!

arrange & pin it over the ridiculous print

stitch it on…

let your munchkin frolic in her adorable new threads!

blowing bubbles on the balcony is pure awesome sauce!

gratuitous artsy fartsy shot

all the tutes!


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