family jewels

I love the look of wire wrapped pendants but the prices for these bead-y baubles had me wondering if I might be able to create my own…

Success? I think so. Cheap? Oh, most definitely. Easy? As pie my lovelies!

Here’s how to make your own personalized family pea pods & egg-y nests:

Let’s start with the nests. You’ll need pliers (tweezers will do in a pinch), wire & an egg-bead for each member of your family *my wire cost €0.99/20m at the craft store & the beads are all salvaged from old necklaces

chop off about 150cm of wire & string your beads 10cm in from one end

arrange your beads into a circular shape & wrap a few times with the long end of the wire

loop the wire around itself between the beads to secure it together. Continue wrapping & looping…

once you’ve wrapped & secured about half of the wire grab the 10cm tail & bend it into a ring – this is the loop that will eventually hang it from the necklace chain

wind the rest of the tail around the loop & tuck the pokey end into the back of the nest

wrap & loop any remaining wire around the nest & tuck that pokey end into the back of the nest

using your pliers (or tweezers) gently pull & wrinkle sections of the wire for an ever so slightly more realistic messy-nest look

add the chain & wear your fancy new heirloom…

then go make some more for the rest of the family!

Onto the pea pods…get your pliers (or tweezers), wire and a lurvly green pea-bead for each member of your family *this time I used some plant wire that we had leftover from that time my hubby was going to be a bonsai-master

start the same way as the nest, stringing the beads on 150cm of wire but this time leave a 5cm tail at the end

loop the short end

tuck the pokey bit into the top bead

loop the wire at the other end & bend it back up to the top loop

wrap the wire around the base of the top loop

bend the wire back to the bottom & twist it around that loop

continue wrapping up, down and around your peas…

occasionally weaving through the sides & back to secure the wire

when you’re happy with the size of your pod, trim & tuck the pokey end

string a leather cord through the top loop & wear your adorable new family heirloom

and create some more to gift away

all the tutes!

5 thoughts on “family jewels

  1. Thank-you so much for the wonderful comments! I was a bit worried that no one would actually be able to recognize pea pods & bird nests out of my no-idea-what-I-was-doing attempts!

    No bravery needed to make ’em… once you get wrapping & twisting that wire, they’re insanely easy to make =O)

  2. I was lucky enough on my last birthday to get one of the bird’s nest necklaces from my assistant. I love it and wear it all the time. Those pea pods are so cool, too. I’ve never seen them! Thanks for sharing!

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