necktie nonsense

Remember those necktie wristlets I made? Well…they’re so quick & easy that creating them became a bit addicting…

I think there’s a more than a few gals I know who’ll be receiving a wristlet or 2…

…but what to do with all of the leftover bits & pieces?

cute-up some plain shirts…

stitch ’em together & make a groovilicious bag!

Here’s how to scrap-bust those neckties…


For the leftover skinny-end-tie-points I was again inspired by the fabulous Pillows a la Mode and once again tweaked her tute a bit to suit my style:


Grab a kidlet shirt + one of the leftover tie-ends


chop the tie 1 – 2cm longer than your desired length & a small piece to wrap around the top of the tie (this will be the ‘knot’) *my shirt is size 12 months, tie length is 16cm & knot length 6cm


open & remove the lining from the knot-piece


fold over the edges lengthwise & press


position the knot at the top of the tie


wrap it around & hand stitch together


yay! a knotted (looking) tie…


center it on the neckline & hand stitch it on. I also sewed the point-end of the tie to the shirt so it wouldn’t flop around…or be a temptation for the munchkin to pull…


…off to the office…


Next up…the odd-lengthed-weird-shaped rest of the ties


I opened ’em all up & removed the linings


ironed them flat & arranged them in a line, wide end to thin end


zipped over to the machine & stitched ’em all together


whew! Now that I had a long piece of funky patchwork I just had to decide what to do with it…


once I trimmed-up the edges of the fabric & folded it in half a light bulb appeared above my head & the idea for a simple tote bag was born…


…and the back…


and with a couple of the very last scraps I made some snazzy new handle covers for my pliers!


…and one more look at that adorkable tot!

all the tutes!

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3 thoughts on “necktie nonsense

  1. Great project ideas!!! I asked for all of my Grandpa’s ties a couple years back, but havn’t gotten around to any projects. Thanks for the inspiration! I love the tee the best!!!

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