The Rainy Day Cap

We’ve been having one of the grossest summers ever…

…this has been our daily view at noon.

30°C + thunder storms = hot, humid, muggy ew = frizzy, huge hair for me – blech

the only solution to tame my unruly locks?

jam a hat on & hope for the best

here’s how to cute-up your own frizz-cover in 10 minutes flat

grab that newsboy cap that’s been sitting in the refashion-stash & dye it if necessary (this one used to be a rather dingy white)

pick out some nice scraps

fold over 4 – 5 times & cut a half-oval shape from one corner of the fold to the other creating a petal shape (or leaf if you prefer)

I used a couple of different fabrics & petal sizes for layering

arrange the petals on the top of your hat

stitch ’em on

once all of my petals were secured I stitched a spiral all the way around the edges ending up in the center of the top flower

add a simple vintage button to the middle & head out into the drizzling rain…

yay! the sun came out long enough to take a pic…

boo! the rainy clouds returned!



all the tutes!


One thought on “The Rainy Day Cap

  1. So cute! I’ve got a similar plain hat in my refash stash too… I wonder if we are neighbors, (in the the PNW of the US) our summer has been gross too, UGH!!

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