babylicious leg warmers

Any idea what I created these beautious boho leg warmers out of?

Here’s a hint: you can make ’em in a few seconds with an item your tot has outgrown

Give up? Read on for the super simple answer & lightning fast how-to…

The cut off sleeves of an outgrown top (or onesie, or sleeper). That’s it…all you need to do is chop off the long sleeves & pop ’em on the legs of your kidlet – if the sleeves are unbearably boring like the ones above just follow the steps below to fancy them up!

accordion fold & twist up the sleeves then secure with a rubber band

chuck ’em in with your next load of stuff-to-be-dyed

once dyed, remove the rubber bands & voila! Funked-up baby leg warmers!

zip over to your machine & *lettuce hem the tops (*use a tight zigzag stitch while stretching the fabric)

grab a scrap of ribbon & a couple of buttons

make a couple of faux-bows & hand stitch them to the front of each leg warmer

pair ’em with some groovy jeans, golden shoes & awesome dyed-and-patchworked-to-cover-the-stains t-shirt and head out…

fancy dancin’ feet

and the sweet side view

munchkin on the move

so easy you can make a pair for every outfit!

*dig through your stash or use your own (or hubby’s) long sleeved shirts & sweaters to make a few rockin’ leg warmers for yourself too!

all the tutes!


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