nifty new jeans in a jiffy!

ah, cute baby jeans, why can you never fit properly? I don’t know if my munchkin is uncommonly shaped but the only jeans that seem to fit her right off the rack are über plain & industrial looking. The absolutelyadorablemustbuynow denims that fit in the waist are always too short…luckily she has a clever mommy who ensures that she always steps out in style:

Industrial no more!

Added length? Yes, please!

Here’s my lickety-split solutions for those tot trousers that just don’t cut it…

These sweeties started out looking more suited to a construction worker than a wee lassie, but as they cost a mere €2 I figured I could cute ’em up in no time! I simply sliced off some strips of Oma-tablecloth, stitched them all around the bottom of the legs, added a bit of lace to cover up a wonky seam & replaced one of the belt loops with a small leftover scrap.

Pop them on with a shirt embellished with more Oma-tablecloth trimmings & go dancin’ on the balcony!

These beauties had such precious embroidery, fit perfectly in the waist & were on sale for only €1.50! So what if they were too short? I had an idea hatching in my brain before we even left the store! I chopped off the straps of a funky totebag, sewed them into tubes & stitched ’em to the ends of the legs…et voila! The perfect length!

Absolutely Adorable!

and an extreme close up! Oh, how I love my new camera!

all the tutes!


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