Table for two

Our fancy new fire engine red sofa was in desperate need of some end table friends…so I put on my thinking cap and headed down into our spooky basement storage room for a rummage where I discovered this beauty:

…another freebie from Tante Uschi that had definitely seen better days. I lugged it upstairs and in a quick 48 hours (with a bit o’ hubby-help) transformed it into these:

über cheery funky folksy end tables to keep the sofa company!

Here’s what we did:

*this was Tante Uschi’s turnable-tea-table – how neat is that? We would have kept it as it was but unfortunately it was just too rickety to be of any use…

first, we removed the top section & shelf (I have awesome plans for these 2 lovelies, too!)

…then cut the table in half

chop, chop, chop!

…created some new legs out of some scrap wood

screwed ’em on & voila! 2 tables from 1!

Then we sanded the crap out of them…

spackled all of the holes, chips, nooks & crannies…

gave them a few coats of lovely yellow paint (leftover from our kitchen) and…

I grabbed my €1 acrylics, gave them a folksy owl & tree (+ some Q-tip polka dots for extra fanciness) & finally four coats of varnish.

the end results are fantastically adorably perfect!

*this table is straight… my munchkin photography assistant was extra helpful this time, so some of the pics didn’t come out quite as straight as they could have…

all the tutes!


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