make a (lil’) splash

The weather is cooling off and that means it’s time to seek out warm & toasty indoor activities for the munchkin to enjoy. One of our favourites? Babyschwimmen in der Kleine Schwimmhalle Wuhlheide (‘babyswimming in the Wuhlheide forest‘s little swimming pool’)

Don’t let the name fool you – the pool(s) may be small but what they lack in size is more than made up for by the friendly, informative staff and delightful water toys/games provided for the kidlets…

The swimming hall has 2 pools (a shallow ‘beginners pool’ & a lap pool) as well as a ball-filled baby wading pool. The water temperature is kept between 32°C – 35°C. Baby swimming lessons are provided for a mere €4/hour with one of the most patient & calming teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting – in Germany, that is. Swim rings, water wings, paddle boards & floaty toys are readily available at no extra cost during Babyschwimmen.

Take a 360° virtual tour of the Schwimmhalle

Kleine Schwimmhalle Wuhlheide, An der Wuhlheide 161, 12459, Berlin

Baby swim every Monday & Wednesday from 8am – noon and Fridays from 9am – noon

(the very reasonable) Entry fee: baby & 1 parent – €6

additional family members/friends – €4/person

= mommy, daddy & baby pay €10 for hours of splishy splashy fun + a few laps to help mommy lose the last of the babyweight!

*bonus: the munchkin is absolutely exhausted after a morning of swimming & is pleasantly subdued for the rest of the day…a solution to the upcoming terrible two’s perhaps?


3 thoughts on “make a (lil’) splash

    • …more sunshine up my arsch…which has me grinnin’ like a cheshire cat =O) Grazie bebe!

      Congrats on leaping into the deep end! It can’t be easy taking swimming lessons again as an adult! My hubs was an ‘Olympic hopeful swimmer’ in his much younger days so I’m thinking the munchkin just might be a natural waterbaby =O)

      • haha! well, you keep complaining about your hourglass figure… maybe it’s from all the sunshine people keep blowing your way!

        wow, with an ex-olympic hopeful, babes is sure to take to water like a fish! i actually signed up at the pool as a deal with my daughter. she didn’t want to take swim lessons, but i insist she at least learn how to be safe. i convinced her by saying i’d take lessons too so i could work on my technique (which is faaarrr from olympic hopeful!), and now we both are thrilled and can’t wait to go back!

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