a dotty decolourization

As we’re now definitely into chilly, rainy fall I’ve been digging through the box of bought-at-the-end-of-last-winter-super-sales-to-hopefully-fit-this-year munchkin gear & am discovering more than a few fantastic deals that I’d forgotten about. Unfortunately, it’s becoming all too clear that the better the deal = the blander the item…fortunately my noggin is brimming with ideas:

Humdrum trousers become playful pants with a bit of bleach & 20 minutes!

Here’s how:

Snag some dull cotton pants, a plastic bag, Q-tips & bleach

slice the bag in half & stuff it into the trousers to prevent front/back bleach leakage

pour a bit of bleach into a small container & grab the Q-tips

dip a Q-tip into the beach & dot (or even draw) all over the fabric, flip ’em over and do the other side

I wanted a bright contrast so I let the bleach-treatment sit for 20 minutes. When you’re happy with the amount of lightening simply wash normally with your next load of laundry.

it’s much more fun to run in a circle than pose for photos

Highlight the pockets, waistband & belt loops by simply painting the bleach directly onto the seams with a Q-tip.


all the tutes!


7 thoughts on “a dotty decolourization

      • fantastic! now i just need to decide what to use it on. in your (i assume) extensive bleaching and/or tie-dying experience, how does it work with non-cotton fabrics? i have some pretty dismal black skirts i’d like to snazz up, but they’re some sort of poly blend, i think.

      • …actually the denim shirt was my first attempt at the bleaching technique. – an awesome (& lucky) result!

        I checked with my wise-in-the-ways-refashioning Grandma and she strongly advised against bleaching any synthetic fabrics. Apparently polyester will slowly turn a gross streaky yellow colour & can even melt, ew. Nylon, wool, silk, & spandex will simply disintegrate from the harsh chemicals.

        For guaranteed success, she recommended sticking with totally natural fabrics such as cotton or linen for the bleach technique. She also suggested using fabric paint to “breath some new life” into your skirts. *Why not let your kiddos do the painting? An adorable result for sure! =O)

      • your grandma is da bomb! i don’t know any other grandmas who would suggest using fabric paint on skirts! thanks for setting me straight on this. you (and grandma) saved me some bleaching disasters! actually, something i’m getting ready to try is having the kidlets do some pictures with fabric crayons and transfering them to clothes, but the package says it works best with synthetics, which i don’t really use anymore. but fabric paint sounds great, too!

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