Bard Breeches

How dost thee mend the breeches of the fruit of thine womb whence they canst be worn no more? With mine cunning wit thou may createst new from old. Tarry naught! I bequeath thee mine idea:

Don’t these adorable trousers bring to mind the breeches of the Elizabethan Era? Hence the Shakespearean English above…here’s how to make your own forthwith!

Snag a pair of fit-in-waist-but-too-short-in-the-leg munchkin trousers & a pair of outgrown tights.

Chop off the bottom of the trouser legs about halfway between the knee & cuff. Slice off legs of the tights & remove the feet as well.

Put the tights over the trousers, right sides facing, and stitch the ends of the legs together. You’ll have to stretch the tights to match the width of the trouser legs as you sew.

Flip right side out and over-stitch the seam for extra strength.

Sew a tight, wide zigzag over the end of the tights (now the bottom of the trouser legs) to prevent any possible fraying…& give it a cute lettuce hem

Pop ’em on the fruit of thine womb & enjoy a bit of The Bard!

Thou art Beauty’s essence mine cunning breeches…

Prithee mother,  I weary of thine photography and thusly must retire…

*I’m thinkin’ this would also work awesomely with some adult trousers & tights or leggings. Wearing them with a blousey-piratey top would make a fabulous Salute to Shakespeare outfit – if you’re into that kinda thing…

all the tutes!


4 thoughts on “Bard Breeches

  1. so frickin’ fantastic! what do you think about doing it for a boy? or is that getting a bit too elizabethan? sometimes i just don’t know where to draw the line between boy/girl clothes!

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