Der Wuhletal-Wanderweg

The Wuhletal-Wanderweg (walking trail) is over 15kms of re-naturized pathways in East Berlin. Starting from S-Bahnhof Ahrensfelde and ending at S-Bahnhof Köpenick the Wuhletal-Wanderweg welcomes walkers, joggers, cyclists & is also dog-friendly! Here’s a quick peek at the small section we frequent:

Our wander usually begins at Hämmerlingstraße…

The Wanderweg is home to a flock of ducks & a few beautiful swans, until they decide it’s cold enough to fly south for the winter. Fear not, they always return to stuff themselves full of the breadcrumbs tossed by passersby & picnickers once the weather warms up again.

The munchkin’s favourite part of the Wanderweg is the little park. There’s a slide, climbing rope, small bridge, low balance beam and these 3 spring-y characters:

…a beaver, a snail & a bug – for cute, bouncy fun!

Last but certainly not least: a mini zipline! Cool beans, babycakes!

Best of all? There’s a Lidl supermarket at the end of the Wanderweg making it the perfect multi-tasking walk!


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