Rappelzappel für die Kleinen

FEZ-Berlin Kinder-, Jugend- und Familienzentrum is the largest Family Center in Europe. Located on over 100 hectares of land, FEZ has too many (free) play grounds to count, a mini railway, theater, cinema, swimming pool(s), space centre, museums and loads more all geared for kids from tot to teen. As we’re lucky enough to live nearby it’s a frequent stop for us to let the kidlet run her batteries down.

The indoor Spielecke (play corner) is free of charge & was created especially for munchkins up to age 4.

There’s an extra-large ball pit with a toddler-sized slide, tons of soft giant building blocks for climbing & carting around, as well as rocking horses & numerous sturdy toys scattered about.

Attached to the wall at the top of the wide kid-sized staircase are 5 wooden learning puzzles to solve and 2 body distorting fun-house mirrors to giggle at.

Right beside the play corner is the über fun Rappelzappel for kids from 3 years old. (cost: €1/30minutes)

If the weather cooperates hop on outside and take a gander at the 3 playgrounds-in-a-row directly across from the main FEZ building. The first was created with toddlers in mind and even has a little playhouse containing an adorable play kitchen. The next is for older kids to balance, swing & slide and the third is a collection of huge climbing walls strictly for the big ‘uns.

FEZ on google maps

Kinder-, Jugend- und Familienzentrum
Strasse zum FEZ 2
12459 Berlin


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